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The second international meeting on SMC proteins

We are pleased to announce that the second international meeting on SMC proteins will be held from June 13 to 16, 2017, in Yamagata, Japan. This meeting represents the successor to the highly successful, first international meeting on SMC proteins, which was held as an EMBO workshop in 2015 at Vienna, Austria.

Structural Maintenance of Chromosomes (SMC) proteins are involved in a wide variety of chromosomal events, including mitosis, meiosis, DNA repair and global gene regulation. This meeting brings together life scientists from different disciplines with a common interest in understanding how SMC proteins work and how their dysfunction is linked to human disease.

This meeting celebrates the 20th anniversary of the discovery of condensin and cohesin, two of the representative SMC protein complexes conserved among all eukaryotes. During the past two decades, we have witnessed a remarkable series of findings in the field, which embraced the eukaryotic SMC5/6 complex as well as the bacterial SMC and related complexes. The unique architecture and possible mechanisms of action of the SMC protein complexes have been elucidated, and surprising links to human diseases and cancers have been unveiled. It is now clear that SMC proteins, which are evolutionarily older than histones, are at the heart of all chromosomal activities in all organisms living on earth. Despite the amazing progress in the field, there remain huge gaps in our understanding, for instance, between basic cell biology of SMC complexes and the etiology of the human diseases. To help bridge such gaps, the meeting aims to stimulate discussion and foster synergies among scientists working on SMC proteins from different perspectives, using a variety of model organisms and methodologies. Topics will include structural biology of SMC complexes, mitotic and meiotic chromosome organization, interphase chromatin architecture, regulation of gene expression, DNA damage repair, and disease mechanisms. The program will provide ample opportunities for discussion so that junior scientists and graduate students can interact with leaders in the field. There will be poster sessions and short talks will be selected from abstracts. All participants will be welcome by the unique and relaxed atmosphere, including Ryokan, a traditional type of Japanese inn, at a local town in Yamagata. See you there!

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